Charity Navigator – Your Guide to Intelligent Giving

When you decide to donate to charity, the funds are directed to a noble cause for making the world a better place. From wildlife to supporting the less privileged in the community, the donations will always give you a higher purpose in life. This post is a complete guide to intelligent giving.

Pick an area you want to support

Intelligent giving should always start with picking an area of interest. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you could identify some of the endangered species and work towards enhancing their numbers. This is the best way to ensure that those who will come after you can have a home that is as good as what we have today. Other areas of interest include helping in medical research, supporting the less privileged, and education.

Look for an organization with good structures

Irrespective of the area of interest, the only way to make the best impact is through an appropriate organization. Lucky enough, thousands of charities are waiting to channel your donations to the right purpose. When charity donations are channeled to organizations with good structures, the impact of the commitment is felt more. Well, though you might think that the $100 is small, good organizations that consolidate all donations and channel them to a specific activity easily realize the target objectives.

It is important to look at the available charities and their reputation in the last couple of years. You should particularly follow the projects they support in order to understand how they work and assurance of making a positive impact.

Fund a project that you can follow

Though many people channel their donations to organizations that direct the cash to selected programs, it is advisable to target a specific project. This will give you a personal connection to the project. For example, if you are interested in saving the endangered mountain leopards, you could consider adopting one of the leopards and following its progress. This will deliver a personal connection to nature and unique sense of success.

Make donations a regular activity for continuity

The most important thing when you start donating cash to charities is continuity. As a person with a special connection to the specific project or organization under consideration, the last thing that one might want to hear is that the leopard of Jaguar he was supporting is at risk once again. Therefore, you need to stay committed to ensuring that the noble course you started does not fall by the wayside. You can achieve this in two ways;

  • Setting regular donations: The project you started supporting sometimes back is always waiting for you to move to the next level of giving. It is, therefore, crucial that you commit to donating more every month to keep the charity and respective project on course.
  • Bring more donors: Now that you have started and the project you support through donations is working well, you can bring more people aboard. Tell your close friends about charity donations and ask them to start supporting the same or related projects.
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